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Things To Remember when Cooking Fish

The three most important things to remember when cooking fish are “don’t overcook”, “don’t over-season”, and “keep it moist”! As a rule of thumb, fish should be cooked 12 minutes per inch in thickness, but this will vary depending on cooking method. A fish is done when the translucency in the center of the fillet is almost gone. Use a pairing knife to test. Also, don’t forget that fresh fish should be cooked simply so its flavor stands alone. A touch of butter and lemon may be all you need. Lastly, different types of fish require different cooking techniques. Use the technique that will keep your fillet moist and tender. In general, a leaner fish needs moist heat while a fattier one does not.

Tips for Grilling Fish

Fish steaks and fillets should be at least ½ inch in thickness when grilling, and may or may not need a marinade, depending on the species or the chef. A firm-fleshed fish is always a good choice for the grill because it holds together well. Always quickly sear both sides of a fish steak or fillet over the hottest portion of the grill and then move to the edges to finish the cooking. Again, the hotter and faster the better!

Tips on Baking Fish

Simply stated, fish should be baked in a 425º F oven for 12 minutes per inch of thickness. Fattier fish, like Salmon or Black Cod, need very little additional fat like oil or butter, while leaner fish like halibut, do.

Tips For Pan-Searing Fish

Pan-frying or pan-searing are two of the easiest methods for cooking fish. Simply add oil or butter to a non-stick pan, lightly season and cook over medium heat. In general, the thinner the fillet, the higher the heat. If a thick fillet is cooked at too high of a heat, the outside will burn and the inside will remain raw.