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Troll Caught Whole King Salmon

Troll Caught Whole King Salmon
Troll Caught Whole King Salmon

Seasons / Availability

Wild Alaskan line-caught Salmon is available year-round and is flown in directly to us on a daily basis from Southeast Alaska.

Serving Size

Our whole fish range in size depending upon species: 3/5 lbs, 5/7 lbs, 7/11 lbs, 11/18 lbs, 11/25 lbs and 25/UP. Please call to order whole fish. 1-866-938-7576

Did you know?

Salmon are most well-known for their amazing lifecycle. They live their lives (up to six years) in the cold waters of the Alaska and the North Pacific and then return to the exact place (river) of their birth to spawn and reproduce. When the young salmon hatch, they migrate thousands of miles to the ocean where they will survive on shrimp, krill and other small fish only to start a new lifecycle. Mature King Salmon generally weigh between 4 and 40 pounds and typically hand picks 18 pound fish and above.


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