Fresh Swordfish

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Seasons / Availability

Pacific swordfish follow the migration patterns of squid and temperature gradients throughout the Pacific and are readily available throughout the year. Most of the harvest is sold through the Honolulu Fish Auction while some boats market their catch directly. works with importers and West Coast Suppliers to guarantee daily shipments of premium, fresh Pacific Sword.

Serving Size

The average serving size of a swordfish steak is one half pound. These steaks come skin-on and boneless and are cut to at least one inch in thickness. Most people tend to quickly marinate the sword steak before grilling and broiling, but the Pacific swordfish has recently become a popular sushi item. If eaten as sushi, the serving size can be reduced.

Nutritional Information

The Pacific swordfish is a hearty and healthy delicacy. A 3.5 oz portion of Swordfish has 155 calories, 50 mg cholesterol, 1 gram of fat and 25.5 grams of protein.

Did you know?

Swordfish is typically long-line harvested in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is harvested by long-line boats at night when the fish is near the surface. It is primarily a mid-water (650-2000 ft) and warm-water species, but has been known to reside on the surface and in extremely cold waters. Interestingly, the swordfish has “brain heate”, a large bundle of tissue associated with one of the eye muscles, which insulates and warms the brain. As a result, the swordfish has the widest temperature tolerance of any billfish. Swordfish reach a maximum size and weight of 15 feet and 1500lbs respectively. only sells the premium Pacific swordfish which tend to be larger and less over fished than the Atlantic Species.