Caribbean Lobster Tail (12-14 oz)

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Seasons / Availability

Spiny Lobster are available year-round and are shipped to us on a daily basis from Australia and the Caribbean.

Serving Size

The average serving size of a spiny lobster tail is between12-14 oz. These tails are presented head-off and cleaned and are ready to be cooked.

Nutritional Information

A 3.5 oz serving of spiny lobster tail has only 95 calories, 18 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 59 mg of cholesterol and 150 mg of sodium.

Did you know?

The spiny lobster tail is harvested in the warm waters of the Caribbean and Australia. Our spiny lobsters are about 1 pound in size, but they can grow to over 15 pounds. 70,000 tons of Spiny Lobsters are harvested each year.